Lace Closure Wig VS Lace Front Wig

Many new customers come to Ishow Hair would have many questions with lace wigs:Lace closure wig andLace front wig, which one is better? How do I choose the one fits me? Which one can do a more natural hairstyle? If you also have these doubts, continue to browse this blog.1. Same points between lace closure wigand Lace front wig They both are lace base wigs, which are very light and have highly breathable, even when wearing in hot summer, we can still feel the comfortable.They all are made by 100% human hair that have top quality. Their hairline and baby hair can bring us a very natural hairstyle.2. Different points between lace closure wigand lace front wigLace size is different. The lace part of lace closure wig is 4 inch by 4 inch, lace front wig is 13 inch by 4 inch.Lace front wig can bring more versatility on hairstyles and hair installation.It can do pull up and ponytail, which lace closure wig can not do.Ishow 2nd Anniversary Carnival is coming, get more info of sales, come to o…

How to Do A 90s Updo Hair Style With Lace Wig

Speaking the glorious decades of retro fashion, 1940s to 1990s have always been famous for ushering in some serious style and fashion. Among them, 1990s updo hair style must be one of the most classic hairstyles. Here, let’s follow model’s instruction, learn how to do a 90s updo hair style withlace wig.First, we need prepare a lace wig, Ishow straight lace frontal wig would be a good choice, it has adjust straps and combs, can let us have a better hairstyle. Then, wear the wig, cut extra lace off and apply the wig to the head, section off the top half of your hair and hold it securely at your crown with rubber band or hairpins. Next step is tie your hair up into a half ponytail, and there is still ample hair left at the bottom. Gather the front section of your hair toward the back, into a half up ponytail. Then, secure the ponytail with an elastic at the top of your head and pull it as tight as possible, to create that bouncy effect. Now we can get a 90s updo hair style.Ishow Back to …

Lace Hair Wig VS Machine Made Hair Wig, Which One You Prefer

Nowadays,human hair wig get more and more popular due to it’s characteristics, like natural hair look and easily installment. And, for many black women, lace hair wig is more familiar than machine made hair wig, and these two wigs both are great quality,if you have interest with these two kinds of hair wigs, please follow us, show more information to you, then choose one you prefer.Similarities between lace hair wig and machine made hair wigBoth two hair wigs are human virgin hair wig, it used young girl hair to made, so it can be dyed & permed & bleached, with good care, no shed and tangle. Also different hair length, styles, textures and color are available for both two wigs.Differences between lace hair wig and machine made hair wigLace hair wig styles: lace frontal wig, lace closure wig,360 lace frontal wig, T lace hair wig, full lace hair wigLace hair wig characteristics: the wig inside have different size lace part, like 13*4 inch, 4*4 inch and so on, so it can take a mo…

How to Recreating Nicki Minaj Wig With Ishow Blonde Wig

With the popular of TROLLZ, a song published by 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj, it also has a trend that copy Nicki Minaj rainbow hairstyle - one side RED and one side COLORFUL. As there are many light colors in it, many people us blonde color hair to restyle it. First, we need part the wig to two parts, for the red part of the wig, we can take two different red color, spread the hair dye evenly on the hair. Then we section rest hair off into seven parts to apply seven rainbow colors on them. After doing this, wait for about two hours. Now, the wig has taken color well, we need rinse the rest of dyestuff off with cold water. Wash red first, then pink and yellow, after washing all of different colors, let it air dry. Then we can get a new cute Nicki Minaj rainbow wig.Ishow Back to School Sale is coming, get more info of sales, come to official Ishow Hair store, or check our Instagram page.

Ishow Back To School Sale: Up To 20% OFF

As the back to school season coming, Ishow hair promote back to school sale, different new hair products and best selling hair bundles and wigs on sale, want to get more sale surprises, followIshow hair.Sale Timestart from AugustSale DetailsUnlimited 6% off for all orders with code B612% off with code B12 for order over 2 sets$10 OFF OVER $99 CODE: B10
$20 OFF OVER $169 CODE: B20
$30 OFF OVER $269 CODE: B30New Arrival Hair Products on SaleT lace 613 color straight/ body wave wigIshow hair new arrival T lace wig on sale, this kind of wig inside has a T styled lace, which is smaller lace size than lace frontal wig and lace closure wig, but you can still use this wig make middle natural hairline, wig price will more affordable when sale goingOmbre Curly No Lace Human Hair Wigs With BangsThis wig is a ombre color hair wig, it is 1b/4/27 color, which styled with cute hair bangs,very curly and bouncy wave pattern and ombre color, also 8-26 inch available for you.If you have interest with new …

The Best Heatless Curls Wig for Summer

Naturallace wigs can be restyled freely, which give us much possibility to make different hairstyles in daily life. Wavy wigs always been popular because of its natural pattern, it absolutely is a good choice for summer. Here, let’s follow model’s instruction, learn how to get thebest heatless curls wigfor summer.First, put ishow loose deep wave lace wig to your head to cut extra lace off, then do a thin layer of glue to apply wig, use hair dryer to dry the glue. Then, use flat iron to modeling roots of hair, make it looks straighter. After doing this, apply water and conditioner evenly to keep hair moist, use wide tooth comb to detangle the wig. Last but not least, use pointed comb to part hair to the side you want, and comb the hairline to make a more natural hairstyle. Now, we get a charming heatless curls wig!Ishow Back to School Sale is coming, get more info of sales, come to official Ishow Hair store, or check our Instagram page.

How To Make Lace Frontal Wig Look Like Scalp

Nowadays, wig install get more and more popular thanhair bundles, because wig is more easy to wear and manageable. And to get a natural and real hair look is that many black girls looking for, today let us show us that how to makelace frontal wig looks like scalp.After you weave your own hair into small braids, make it more flat, then you can get a lace frontal wig, whichever style you want, like straight hair lace frontal wig, or other styles. Then put some glue on hair, also on rest of cap to help it stay down literally the entire time, cut off all excess wig cap. Put wig firstly to measure so that you can see where exactly it is going to be placed on your head.Let us go into next step, cut extra frontal lace as your head size, use glue to make the wig more stable on your head. To make a natural baby hair, you can take few pieces hair from whole wig, use scissors to fix hair length, slay the hair with edge brush, use some mousse will make baby hair more natural, after that, you use …